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2000 Strong Now

2000 Strong Adventure Camp
July 5-9, 2017

Early registration is now open!  See details below.

2000 Strong Adventure Camp  | 2000 Strong for Christ Adventure Camp 

 2000 Strong Adventure Camp

Youth and Young Adult Camp
July 5-9,2017
Youth Camp serves ages 8-18
Young Adult Camp serves ages 18-25

2000 Strong Babies is a new camp for young families.  Special programs and activities provided. 

Our Adventure Camp is fast approaching!  Early registration is now open!  Use the EARLYBIRD coupon code by June 25 to receive a custom t-shirt (a 15.00 value) .  Remember to register online on our Camp Forms page.  Registering before camp ensures you a quick check-in on July 5, and ensures we have beds and food for everyone!

If you choose to wait and register at camper check-in on July 5, we will have computers available for you to complete the online registration.  Check out our camp payment form that will allow you to start making payments for camp now!  Go to Camp Forms and click Payment Form.  

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