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2000 Strong Now

Virtual Experience 2020
2000 Strong Adventure Camp
July 8-12 2020

Registration is now open!  See details below.

2000 Strong Virtual Adventure Camp Registration Form 

2020 Camp Theme: 

Joining Helaman's 2000 Strong  (Alma 26: 165-167)

Wednesday: Stand fast in the liberty that God has made you free.
Thursday: Be strict to remember the Lord from day to day.
Friday: Observe and keep His commandments continually.
Saturday: Be strong in your faith in Christ.
Sunday: Believe in the prophecies concerning that which is to come to pass. 

Virtual 2000Strong Adventure Camp 

Youth and Young Adult Camp
July 8-12
Youth Camp serves ages 8-18
Young Adult Camp serves ages 18-25

2000 Strong Babies is a new camp for young families.  Special programs and activities provided. 

 Registration is now open!  

Find out about our Marilyn Eskridge Camp Scholarship available to campers to cover part of the cost of camp.  It is available for youth 18 and younger.  To be eligible you must be a registered camper and you must fill out the Marilyn Eskridge Camp Scholarship Form.  Go to camp forms page for more information about this program. 

The 2000 Strong Adventure Camp has produced amazing results over the last 13 years.  Over 1900 young people have dedicated their lives to Christ at our commitment services.   There have been eight baptisms at camp while several more have returned to their home churches and been baptized.  Campers have logged hundreds hours of scripture study and campfire worship.  Hundreds of camp logs and devotion packets have been published and distributed -  at no charge.  Hundreds of Book of Mormons, Bibles and personal prayer journals have been given away as well. Almost  $10,000 in camp scholarships have been awarded.
What began as solely a youth camp now includes young adults as well.  Unfortunately costs have increased; consequently, we need your financial support now more than ever!  2000 Strong for Christ is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and your donations are tax deductible, all of your donations goes directly to the 2000 Strong Adventure camp.  Please donate now and help us reach our fundraising goal of 10,000!  


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