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About Us

2000 Strong for Christ is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to bringing the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all persons.  Everyone associated with 2000 Strong believes in the truths of the Book of Mormon and Holy Bible as witnesses of the divinity of Jesus Christ.  Our 2000 Strong Adventure Camp is our opportunity to bring people together using a common theme and unity of purpose, which is to bring them closer to Jesus Christ.  You can read more about our camp on our 2000 Strong Camp page.

Our membership is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon the youth we serve. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of our faith based family. The 2000 Strong Adventure Camp has produced amazing results over the last 12 years.  Over 1400 young people have dedicated their lives to Christ at our commitment services.   There have been six baptisms at camp while several more have returned to their home churches and been baptized.  Campers have logged over one hundred hours of scripture study and campfire worship.  Hundreds of camp logs and devotion packets have been published and distributed -  at no charge.  Hundreds of Book of Mormons, Bibles and personal prayer journals have been given away as well. Almost  $6,000 in camp scholarships have been awarded.
What began as solely a youth camp now includes young adults as well.  Unfortunately costs have increased; consequently, we need your financial support now more than ever! 

2000 Strong for Christ is a proud member of the Center for Nonprofit Management and the One Star Foundation.

 Mission Statement

2000 Strong for Christ is dedicated to bringing youth to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to spiritually uplift and guide youth and young adults to a greater understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ and strengthening young families.  Our faith-based outreach serves youth grades 3-12 and young adults ages 19-30 and young families of all races, creeds and religions. 

 The Story of 2000 STRONG

Many years ago, in the lands of Central America as documented in the Book of Mormon, a man named Helaman was very worried because wars between his people – the Nephites - and those of neighboring lands – the Lamanites - were getting worse and worse. For many years, the Lamanites had been fighting with the Nephites. City after city had fallen, and Helaman knew he would have to have some help if he and his people were to survive. One day, a group of men came up to him in church. These were the same men who had promised God that they would never again take up weapons for war. “Helaman, something must be done. Your people have protected us for many years, but now they need our help. We’re ready to pick up our swords and join the armies to protect your cities. If we don’t, we’ll all lose our freedom!” they cried. “Good people, I’m touched by your love and concern,” replied Helaman,”but you must not break the promise you made with God! If you do, you’ll be sorry later.” As he said this, many young men stepped forward. One of them said,” Our fathers should not fight, but WE did not promise. We’re young and strong. None of us likes war, but if we want to be free, we’ll have to help you fight the Lamanites." ”But you’ve never fought before. It will be very dangerous to go up against such large armies,” said Helaman to all of these brave young men. "We are not afraid, sir!” they all cried. “Our mothers have taught us to have faith in God, and we know He’ll take care of us.” Soon Helaman and his 2,000 brave young soldiers - stripling warriors - were marching to join other Nephite armies. They loved their new leader and called him “Father.” Helaman, in turn, called them his “sons.” Helaman and his 2000 sons fought many battles. What strength they had! How brave they all were! Although many Nephites were killed, not one of Helaman’s sons was. 

They were the 2000 Strong!

Would you like to help change the direction of someone's life?  Are you interested in helping us spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all persons?  Please make a tax deductable donation by clicking the Donate button.   We are calling you to active service for Jesus Christ

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