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Camp Forms

Camper Registration and Health Form

All campers are required to fill out the Registration and Health form prior to attending camp.  A new form must be filled out and submitted each year.

Camper Registration and Health Form

 Staff Applications

Persons interested in being on the 2000 Strong Camp staff must complete and submit a Youth Worker Confidential application.  This application is required to be submitted and accepted only once assuming there are no changes in the legal history of the applicant.

Youth Worker Confidential Application

A new staff application must be completed and submitted each year that a person is interested in being on the 2000 Strong Camp staff.

Staff Application and Waiver Form

 BSA Youth Protection Training

All of our staff involved with the camp in any way are required to complete youth protection training every two years.  The Boy Scouts of America provides an excellent online program for this and is the one used by the majority of our staff.

BSA Online Youth Protection Training Program

The Marilyn Eskridge Scholarship
 The Marilyn Eskridge Scholarship recognizes youth (up to 18) who wish to attend 2000 Strong for Christ Adventure Camp but are unable to pay all or part of the camp fee. Recipients will be chosen by the Marilyn Eskridge Scholarship Committee. The ideal applicants are asked "Why do you want to attend 2000 Strong Adventure Camp?" Please write a short essay.  Please include any testimony you may wish to share as well.  
Marilyn Eskridge Scholarship Form

    Making camp payments is now easier than ever!  Just click the link below to make your payments.  
If you need to make additional camp payments, use the form below.  Only use this form if you did not make the full camp payment during the online registration process.

Additional Camp Payment Form

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